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Quantum Sensing

Webinar Replay

Spectrally-multiplexed entanglement swapping for generating a high number of Bell states

In this webinar, Sofiane Merkouche, PhD Candidate at the Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular and Quantum Science (University of Oregon) shows one way of harnessing the high-dimensional nature of TF entanglement. He presents a TF entanglement swapping experiment where frequency-resolved Bell-state measurements are used to herald a multitude of frequency-encoded Bell states, using readily-available multimode parametric down conversion sources.

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User Manual

ID900 User Manual

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Application Note

IR Antibunching Measurements with ID201 InGaAs Gated SPAD Detectors

Antibunching measurements with InGaAs SPAD detectors are faced with the problems of high background count rate, afterpulsing, and the requirement to gate the SPADs. This application note describes how anti-bunching measurements can be performed by using pulsed excitation and gated detection. Possible problems of the principle are discussed and hints for the buildup of suitable experiments are given.

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User Manual

ID 3000 User Manual

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