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High speed single photon detectors for high rate QKD

Recently, a team from IDQ, together with the University of Geneva, has succeeded in increasing the processing speed of superconducting nanowire detectors by a factor of twenty. This innovation, featured in Nature Photonics of March 9th, makes it possible to achieve world best performances in low-light applications including quantum communications.

In this webinar, we introduced very briefly, QKD and present the state of the art of the technology. Single photon detectors are a key element of a QKD system. They must be efficient, fast and feature low timing jitters for high rate QKD and low noise for long distance links. Superconducting nanowire single-photon detection (SNSPDs) are excellent candidates that can combine all these properties.

In the second part of the webinar, we presented new, extremely fast SNSPDs, especially designed for QKD and demonstrate extremely high secret key rates over short distances.



Hugo Zbinden, Group of Applied Physics, UNIGE

Giovanni Resta, R&D Scientist, ID Quantique


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