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Quantum Sensing Solutions for Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is a theory that has been established during the first half of the 20th century. It describes nature and behavior of matter and energy at particle scales (e.g. photons). This theory had predicted phenomenon that were in contradiction with classical physics, such as entanglement or quantum superposition between particles.

From the second half of the 20th century, experimental demonstrations have verified many of these predictions. While there is still ongoing research in quantum physics, quantum technology has emerged and found application in different domains such as cryptography, metrology or computing.

ID Quantique’s range of quantum sensing solutions for quantum physics have a wide-range of applications; from photon correlation and quantum communication to quantum computing and nano photonics.

Photon Correlation

Photon correlation is a technique applied across a variety of fields; such as spectroscopy, quantum communication and metrology (LiDAR, OTDR, range finding). It provides particle sizing, quantum key distribution, or signal to noise ratio enhancement respectively.

ID Quantique’s precision timing products offer a convenient way to measure and correlate the arrival time of photons with a very high temporal resolution.

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Quantum Communication

While conventional methods of securing communication have shown vulnerability, especially against quantum attacks, quantum key distribution has been demonstrated to be the only solution to providing secure data transfer.

ID Quantique’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems are based on quantum optics, where the use of low noise single-photon detectors combined with high-speed timing electronics is essential.

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Quantum Computing

Quantum computing research has been conducted since the 1980s and recent breakthroughs have seen significant improvements in computation speeds. Although fault-tolerant quantum computers need further improvement, their application in cryptography, quantum research and simulation, solving linear equations and more is expected to significantly improve our scientific knowledge.

Quantum computing requires quantum bits (qubits), but also qubits measurement. Measuring a quantum bit could be done in many ways, but most of the time it involves efficient and low noise single-photon detections and photon correlation technique.

ID Quantique’s quantum sensing products fulfil these requirements.

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Integrated Photonics and Nano Photonics

Dedicated, integrated optical circuits allow you to perform quantum communication and quantum computing operations in a very compact way. They are expected to enable a major breakthrough in the implementation of quantum technologies into everyday life.

ID Quantique single photon detectors can be implemented in a compact solution as OEM components.

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