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Quantum Sensing Solutions for Defence, Security & Aerospace

Defence, security and aerospace are fields that drive innovation. Advancements are constantly stimulated by the development of new sensing systems and techniques in the quest for higher performance.

In an effort to overcome the limitations of legacy technologies, the quantum realm has led to the development of single photon detectors, photon counting systems, high resolution event timers and controllers, and indeed quantum cryptography.

ID Quantique’s extensive experience in quantum technologies can be applied to a wide-range of use cases; from surveillance to high resolution 3D imaging. IDQ solutions can also be used to detect very low concentrations of target gas, and to measure the time difference with picosecond resolution, even in various extreme environments.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

While conventional methods of securing communications have shown to be vulnerable, especially to quantum attack, Quantum Key Distribution has the ability to secure data in motion against both classical and quantum threats.

ID Quantique’s Quantum Key Distribution systems are based on quantum optics; combining low noise single-photon detectors with high-speed timing electronics.

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Free Space Communication

With increased demand for information and communication technologies such as high-speed internet, video conferencing and live streaming, optical technologies are being utilised to improve the performance of free-space communication systems.

ID Quantique’s single-photon detectors can be used in free space communication; aiding the higher precision and intensity the technology offers.

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LiDAR Systems

By detecting and ranging objects in free space through the measurement of reflected light and producing 3D representation of the target, LiDAR has found applications in a variety of industries.

Organisations operating in defence, security and aerospace frequently need high-performance ranging systems to cover extremely long range, and to detect targets and objects with the highest accuracy even in very harsh environments.

ID Quantique’s LiDAR application is based on single-photon detecting technology and a high-resolution time tagging solution.

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Asset Integrity Monitoring

Optical fiber-based “fly-by-light” control systems offer a higher data transfer rate, immunity to electromagnetic interference, and lighter weight when compared to “fly-by-wire” systems.

These systems can be tested with high precision Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR), however conventional OTDR systems fail to provide the level of performance and monitoring required.

ID Quantique’s photon-counting based OTDR offers an unrivalled solution to achieve centimetre spatial resolution and rapid scanning over the entire aircraft fibre network.

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Laser Rangefinder

Laser rangefinder systems are used in a variety of fields; from sports to defence and security. In high-end military applications, laser rangefinders provide sniper and artillery units with an exact distance to targets located beyond the distance of point-blank shooting.

Extending distance range continues to drive innovation, providing receivers with improved sensitivity and reduced false readings caused by other light sources.

Based on its single-photon detecting technology, ID Quantique’s solutions can overcome such issues and enlarge the usage of range finder.

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