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Quantum Sensing Solutions for Oils & Gas

The global oil and gas industry faces remarkable challenges as exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbon products is conducted in ever-more challenging environments.

From new forms of gravimeter to discover new oil reserves, to fiber optic distributed temperature and strain sensing and optical gas imaging systems to detect and locate gas leaks, quantum technologies will bring new capabilities to the sector as they are adopted over the coming years.

LiDAR (Sub-Sea)

Imaging in subsea environments is essential for a range of applications, such as asset integrity monitoring, defence, marine science, and civil engineering.

While capturing high-resolution images in turbid environments remains a challenge. One approach with the potential to overcome this is the use of LiDAR with TCSPC (Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting) in order to reject optical scattering from the surrounding environment and isolate the object to be imaged.

ID Quantique’s LiDAR technologies, based on single photon technology with high resolution TCSPC, form the basis of an effective system for imaging even in highly-turbid environments.

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Gas Leak Detection

The detection and localisation of gas leaks is a critical activity. Gas leaks are responsible for production losses, can cause catastrophic failures, can be lethal, and are damaging to the environment.

By combining LiDAR sensing with tuneable laser spectroscopy, ID Quantique has successfully developed an Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) technology capable of detecting and identifying a range of gases of interest to the oil and gas sector, environmental monitoring agencies and other stakeholders.

Capable of imaging gas clouds and resolving concentrations in the region of ppm, at up to 100m, this represents a significant improvement in state-of-the-art gas leak detection for refineries, as well as other petrochemical plants, LNG installations and industrial facilities.

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