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Clavis XGR QKD System

Quantum Key Distribution designed for academia, research institutes and innovation labs

  • User-friendly interface for education, technology evaluation and testing
  • Access to internal data and modifiable parameters
  • Option to use external detectors for evaluation or long distance links
  • Interoperability through standardized interfaces for experimental networks

Experiment QKD in your lab

Safety of current encryption methods, and especially of the key exchange mechanisms based on asymmetric cryptography, is a major concern today. High-value sensitive data is already at risk. Indeed, the arrival of quantum computers renders asymmetric key exchanges unsafe: encrypted data can be stored now and easily decrypted later. Governments or enterprises, which must protect data for five to ten years or more, need to move to new crypto solutions now.

As a leading cyber security solution provider, IDQ has developed Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems that generate and distribute cryptographic keys across a provably secure communication network, to safely encrypt or authenticate data. In contrast to conventional key distribution algorithms, QKD is the only known cryptographic technique which provides proven secrecy of encryption keys, as well as long-term data confidentiality and integrity.

As an industrialized, yet accessible and open QKD system, the Clavis XGR helps researchers save time and effort in setting up their labs.

The Clavis XGR

The Clavis XGR is IDQ’s 4th generation of QKD and is based on the Clavis XG (BB84), which is a QKD system intended for production use. The hardware and the basic functionality are identical. The product is a standalone system and it only requires a standard computer for management, control and monitoring.

The Clavis XGR combines the best out of two worlds: a highly industrialized system operating at telecommunication wavelength and an automated system with additional research features.

XGR basic functionality:

External detector options

The Clavis XGR now can be used with external detectors to replace the internal single-photon detectors (SPDs). This opens a plethora of research options in various directions:

  • More control and more accessible parameters of the SPDs
  • Better performance with high-end detectors like superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs)
  • Test your own detector for QKD applications
The Clavis XGR is designed to be compatible with all near-infrared single-photon detectors from IDQ:

External detector recommendations for various use cases:


  • Quantum cryptography and network integration research
  • Grey box security testing
  • Education and training
  • Demonstration and technology evaluation
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