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Centauris CN6000 Series

High-assurance data-in-motion encryptors, up to 10Gbps

  • Robust, business-class encryption
  • Addressing the most performance-intensive environments
  • Ultra-reliable, defence-grade for enterprise customers
  • Upgradeable to Quantum-Safe Security

The Centauris CN6000 series are rack-mounted, high-speed encryptors for business-critical applications, offering bandwidth speeds from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

The Centauris CN6000 encryptors may be upgraded to quantum cryptography through the addition of IDQ’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems to ensure that the solutions are quantum-safe for the long-term protection of sensitive data. This also ensures investment-protection of the encryptors. Such quantum cryptography is provably secure, ensures anti-eavesdropping detection and provides long-term confidentiality, resisting brute force hacking and attacks by quantum computers.

Additional security is provided by advanced anti-tamper proofing and physical protections, as well as best-practice separation of duties.

The tamper resistant Centauris CN6000 series utilise robust AES 256-bit algorithms, are certified Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

They support standards based, end-to-end authenticated encryption and client-side key management. Advanced security features include traffic flow security and support for a wide range of elliptic curves (Safe Curves, Brainpool, NIST). VLAN based encryption provides unique key pairs in hub and spoke environments to protect against misconfigured traffic. For high-assurance environments, the encryptors also support nested encryption.

The intrinsic key generation and distribution capability in the Centauris CN6000 series encryptors removes reliance on external key servers, providing a robust, fault-tolerant security architecture. The rugged tamper-resistant chassis also gives uncompromising protection to key material held in the encryptors.

Full interoperability with the Centauris CN series encryptors enables customers to standardise on one platform to protect transmitted data across large hub and spoke or meshed networks.

  • Data Center interconnect encryption
  • Data recovery center encryption
  • Storage area network encryption
  • LAN and MAN  encryption
  • Fully meshed wide area network encryption
  • Multi-tenancy encryption for MSPs
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