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The world is evolving. So should your cyber security.

Traditional security is being challenged every day. Increased geopolitical and commercial pressure,
technological advancements and malicious actors are putting our data confidentiality and sovereignty at risk.

Quantum technology enables unhackable communications.

The only solution to provide proven secrecy of encryption keys and to reach long-term confidentiality and integrity is to implement Quantum Key Distribution today.

Leverages the properties of
quantum physics

Immediately detects

Solves data exchanges
once and for all

Its reliability is not impacted by
computing power nor time

Provides long-term, future-proof
data privacy

Easy integration through most encryption vendors

The XG Series

The first comprehensive range of Quantum Key Distribution solutions.

The XG Series provides the highest level of trust to enterprise, government, and telco production environments.



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Unique real-world expertise and deployments

IDQ is the world leader in Quantum Cybersecurity. From the very first commercial applications in 2007 to intercontinental deployments today.

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