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Providing the ultimate, long-term data protection in a post-quantum world

By harnessing the unique properties of quantum mechanics, ID Quantique has developed a portfolio of quantum-safe security solutions. Our Quantum Key Distribution (Quantum Cryptography), Quantum Key Generation and Quantum-Safe Network Encryption solutions offer unparalleled protection for data with long-term sensitivity and value.

Our products are designed to help governments, financial service companies, healthcare organizations, cloud service providers and commercial enterprises worldwide protect mission-critical data into, and beyond, the era of large scale quantum computers.

The Quantum Computing era

Computing technology stands on the brink of a major milestone in its evolution. As the worlds of academia and business prepare themselves for the dawning of the age of the quantum computer, there is naturally uncertainty as to what lies ahead.

On the bright side, the quantum computer will unleash a qualitatively different computational power. On the dark side, this very power will destroy existing crypto-systems and expose our secret data.

At ID Quantique, we work with organisations of all types to help them plan for the future and become quantum-ready.

More on Quantum Computing

The value of quantum cryptography

With the age of quantum computing drawing ever-closer, traditional encryption methods are at risk. While brute force attacks can take months to break through security, quantum attacks can use more advanced techniques to break standard public key cryptography in a much shorter timeframe.

Even if quantum computers only appear in the next decade, as is widely held to be the case, today’s public key cryptography is still not proven to be secure against mathematical attacks. Moreover, the threat posed by future quantum computers still affects data today – the “download now, decrypt later” attack vector means that (encrypted) sensitive data can be downloaded today & analyzed offline when a quantum computer appears.

The only solution to provide proven secrecy of encryption keys and to reach long-term confidentiality is to implement quantum-safe encryption today. Using quantum cryptography now will provide immediate protection to your data in the face of today’s brute force attacks, ensure that data with a long shelf life is protected against future attacks and safeguard high-value data in a post-quantum computing world.


Helping you build a trusted future

Data is an organisation’s most precious asset. It’s the root of almost all business decisions and often represents a company’s competitive advantage – it can’t be outsourced. Making data secure is therefore paramount. Getting prepared must be considered as a journey. Every step completed adds a layer of trust and preparedness.

You may think that starting your journey towards Quantum-Safe Security is a complex, lengthy and costly process. In fact, it’s simpler than you think.

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The Quantum-Safe Security Range

Quantum-Safe Network Encryption

High performance, quantum-safe network encryption solutions for the protection of data in transit.

Quantum Key Distribution

The ultimate in quantum-safe security for long-term data protection; guaranteeing provably secure key exchange for encryption and other security devices on point-to-point backbone and storage networks.

Quantum Key

Truly random encryption keys and unique digital tokens for secure crypto operations.

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