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Government and Defense Agencies Solutions

For governments and defense agencies, data sovereignty is paramount. They need to ensure that critical national data – whether defense secrets, intellectual property, taxpayer information or even the electoral register – is accessed only by the right people at the right time. Of all entities, government data security requirements are the longest, stretching up to 50 years in the case of official secrets.

However, at the same time as data protection increases, so do the potential attack vectors – ranging from theft of defense-critical intellectual property by other nation state, to attacks on critical infrastructure, to the future threat of a quantum computer.  And governments are continually being asked to provide more security on lower budgets.

IDQ solutions are used by government across the world to help counter such threats, offering long term data security into and beyond the quantum era, while helping to reduce operational costs.

Government & Defence Sector Security for the Quantum Era

  • Swiss engineered and developed products
  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD or quantum cryptography) for long-term data protection
  • Quantum key generation platform for highly secure crypto operations
  • Full range of interoperable network encryptors for flexibility and evolution, with ultra-high performance up to 100Gbps
  • Proven expertise in delivering customised crypto and key generation and management solutions

Quantum Key Generation

IDQ provides governments and defense agencies with high quality encryption key generation through the Quantis Appliance product, or the Quantum Key Factory platform. Both are developed and produced in Switzerland to the highest levels of Swiss engineering. The Quantis Appliance provides provably secure entropy based on IDQ’s Quantum Random Number Generation as a source of key material for encryption of classified information. With certifications from the Swiss metrology institute (METAS), successful NIST testing and validation according to the German BSI’s stringent AIS31 criteria, the Quantis Appliance meets all the criteria for trust required by governments around the world.  Additionally, IDQ also provides the Quantum Key Factory – a key generation platform where governments can include their own approved key generation and management schemes, mixing entropy from multiple different sources.

Quantum-Safe Encryption

In transmitting classified or secret data internally or globally, governments need to ensure high level encryption. IDQ’s Centauris encryption solutions allow governments to implement a single encryption platform which protects data in transit on all networks. IDQ solutions encrypt high throughput traffic up to 100Gbps on local and storage area networks (LAN & SANs), as well as on fully meshed global networks (WANs) for international operations. The latest Centauris encryptors benefit from the best in class quantum key generation, and all have achieved FIPS 140-2 level 3 and Common Criteria EALxxx certification levels.  IDQ supports the implementation of customised algorithms, customised source key material and customized key distribution schemes (eg. implementation of non-standard elliptic curves) for government clients.

With the advent of the quantum era, when the massive computational power of quantum computers will render much of today’s encryption unsafe, it is essential for governments to deploy “quantum-ready” solutions already today.

The Centauris encryption can be upgraded with IDQ’s Cerberis Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) servers to ensure such quantum safe security. QKD ensures provably secure encryption key exchange, guarding against the presence of eavesdroppers and guaranteeing proven secrecy of information even against the threat of quantum computers. As the threats increase, and resources become ever more constrained, QKD offers government and defence agencies the chance to build defense in depth, based on a provably secure key distribution, while reducing the costs and operation complexities of physical key distribution.

IDQ already works with government agencies, defence departments and public administration clients all over the world, securing everything from data transfer during elections to inter-ministry data and backbone SAN connections.

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