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QRNG Use Cases

ID Quantique’s pioneering QRNG technologies have helped deliver success to companies all over the world since 2001. The Quantis range of products is used as a trusted source of randomness for a broad range of applications that require cryptography or guaranteed unpredictability.

The Quantis QRNG Chips represent a revolution in randomness: its miniaturized form enables solution and product developers to integrate a source of true randomness into mobile and remote solutions like never before. In a connected, IoT world, this is a major breakthrough in terms of systems security, delivering a trusted source of entropy, all the way to the network edge. While providing the highest attainable security and robustness, the Quantis Chips are designed as low-cost solutions for mass market devices.

IDQ’s technology has made its way into some of the most well-known technology on the market, from quantum-secure smartphones to e-signature technology. We have compiled a list of some of our latest QRNG Chips-related use cases, click the links below to find out more. For more use cases and QRNG assets, visit our QRNG resource library.

samsung logo with image

Samsung Galaxy Quantum 4 Smartphone

The fourth model of the world’s first quantum smartphones and mass-market application of quantum technology.

QRNG enables trusted authentication and encryption of information, making apps and services safer and more secure for users.

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Octatco logo image

EzQuant Security Key Powered With QRNG

The world’s first quantum FIDO-certified fingerprint security key, made by Octatco powered with Quantis QRNG chip.

High level security key for fully secure physical secure access and online password-less authentication to web services.

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docusign logo image quantum

DocuSign Quantum Secured Electronic Signature

Fast and easy Digital Signature meeting some of the most stringent security, privacy, and data residency requirements (FIPS / CC).

It now embeds a QRNG chip source, for increased security against emerging quantum threats.

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hitachi energy quantum use case ID Quantique

Hitachi Energy Encryption Cards

QRNG-powered encryption cards for highly secure end-to-end authentication and encryption of control data with high-quality key generation based on true random numbers.

QKD-ready for a Quantum-Safe end-to-end encryption for mission-critical real-time communication networks.

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Thales TCT Luna T-Series HSM with embedded QRNG chip - QRNG Use case

Thales TCT Luna T-Series HSM embeds QRNG chip

Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies (TCT) has partnered with ID Quantique to provide high-assurance key protection backed by QRNG to secure organizations’ cryptographic infrastructure.

This joint solution between Thales and IDQ is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, NIST’s highest level of security standards.

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Implement our quantum chip anywhere.
The Quantis QRNG chip

Meet the world’s smallest QRNG chip. It can be embedded into any IoT or mobile device, including smartphones, making quantum-enhanced security available to everyone.


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