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Centauris CV1000 Virtual Encryptor

Virtualised Encryption, Real-World Security and Performance

  • Agile, scalable solution
  • Multi-Layer (L2, L3 & L4) network architectures
  • 100% interoperability with Centauris encryptors
  • Cost-effective

Why Virtualised Encryption?

The optimal application of the Centauris CV1000 is data protection across large-scale, virtualised WANs – all the way to the “virtual edge”. These large-scale extended networks, beyond the core IT network infrastructure, typically operate at speeds of 1 Gbps or less; where customers prefer to protect without dedicated hardware solutions, but still require hardened data encryption security.

IDQ Centauris encryptors are, by definition, high-assurance and secure hardware devices; dedicated to network data encryption. Their optimal use is in protecting core IT network infrastructure data.

Typically, core network infrastructure includes high-speed links (1 Gbps, 10 Gbps and higher) among key IT assets; such as those used for Big Data applications, data centre interconnections, data storage and redundant data centre back-up and disaster recovery.

Today’s WANs often extend well beyond core infrastructure and include multi-Layer transport. However, the data transmitted to the edge of the network still requires strong and effective encryption protection; this is where virtualised encryption becomes an optimal solution.

Here, virtualised encryption provides the scalability, simplicity, flexibility and cost-efficiency demanded by IT and data networks managers.



The Centauris CV1000 protects network communications at speeds of up to 5 Gbps encrypted bandwidth, when optimised in the network. The Centauris CV1000 Virtual Encryptor leverages the Centauris CN Series Ethernet encryptor platform, to maximise available bandwidth and minimise latency. Importantly, the Centauris CV1000 is transport layer agnostic and enables concurrent multi-layer encryption, making it an ideal solution for extended virtualised network security.


As a software implementation of the Centauris hardware encryptors, the Centauris CV1000 is unique. Instant scalability means it may be deployed rapidly across hundreds of network links, providing robust encryption protection for data-inmotion. Designed to match flexibility and scalability of other VNFs, such as virtual routers, switches and firewalls, the Centauris CV1000 is completely transparent to the network; making it the ideal solution to secure your WAN or SD-WAN, right to the virtual edge.


The Centauris CV1000 is the first high speed encryptor to offer Transport Independent Mode, meaning it is network layer independent (L2, L3, and L4) and protocol agnostic. By supporting Layer 3, the CV1000 offers network operators more configuration options using TCP/IP routing for securing critical data. Because it’s software controlled, the CV1000 enables greater flexibility and responsiveness in network architecture, as well as opportunities to expand the network scale quickly.

  • WAN & SD-WAN encryption (provider-play)
  • Concurrent multi-Layer encryption
  • Virtualised network encryption
  • East-West data centre traffic encryption
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