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Gaming and lotteries

Online Gaming and lotteries need to provide outstanding randomness quality to secure their customers’ transactions. In games of chance, it must not be possible for a player to increase his probability to win by discovering a bias towards certain outcomes in the game procedure.

Modern lotteries and gaming machines are all based on the use of random numbers to guarantee a uniform winning probability.

Thanks to its reliability, the quality of its random output and its certifications, IDQ’s Quantis range has rapidly become the reference hardware random number generator for industries which require high security and regulatory compliance.

Online gaming and lotteries’ security

Why quantum random number generation?

A true random number is a number generated by a process, whose outcome is unpredictable and which cannot be subsequently reliably reproduced. The only way to produce true randomness is by understanding and validating the physical process by which that randomness was produced. In other words, randomness can only be based on physical phenomena. Since quantum physics is intrinsically random, it is logical to use it as a source of true randomness.

Quantum random number generators (QRNGs) have the advantage over conventional randomness sources of being invulnerable to environmental perturbations and of allowing live status verification. The operation of Quantis is continuously monitored and if a failure is detected the random bit stream is immediately disabled. In addition, unlike PRNGs which need to accumulate external entropy, Quantis provides full entropy (randomness) instantaneously from the very first photon (bit). IDQ’s quantum random number generators (QRNG) offer high quality entropy for use in highly secure crypto operations and solutions requiring proven and certified randomness.

Download the white paper on Random Number Generation Using Quantum Physics.

Use cases

Discover how some online gaming and lotteries have used our QRNGs to secure their applications.

Online gaming and lottery applications

Lotterie Romande
Quantum draws for lottery games in Switzerland 
Loterie Romande, one of Switzerland’s two lottery operators, uses the Quantis QRNG for its winning number draw application.
> Read the use case

Française des Jeux chooses Quantis QRNG as a source of entropy 
Française des Jeux (FDJ) is the operator of France’s national lottery games. Their portfolio includes several best-in-class gaming applications whose randomness depends on the Quantis QRNG.
Visit The Française des Jeux Website for more information.

Novomatic gaming equipment powered by Quantis QRNG 
One of the world’s leading gaming integrators, Novomatic has been using the Quantis QRNG platform since 2010.
Visit The Novomatic Website for more information.

Bet Cruise Logo
Quantis provides randomness to BetCruise 
BetCruise, a virtual “Gaming Fleet” providing a broad range of online games, relies on Quantis as its sole source of randomness.

A Bet A
Quantis integrated in lotteries at A Bet A 
A Bet A is a leading supplier of gaming systems in the UK, Ireland and worldwide. Quantis devices have been chosen to provide the core random source in several of their solutions.
Visit The A Bet A Website for more information.

Quantum Random Number Generation for Online Poker
PokerMatch is an online poker room which offers poker tournaments and a variety of other games. The company selected Quantis as an additional source of entropy for their existing software-based PRNG.
> Read the use case

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