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Key Exchange Service

To transform your current network into a quantum-safe network, a dedicated and reliable Quantum Key Management System (Q-KMS) is required. This software layer above the QKD system layer plays a critical role in holistic quantum cyber-security ecosystems to guarantee end-to-end Post Quantum data communication security.

Quantum-Safe data communication

As the day of Quantum Computing breaking public-key cryptography is approaching and ‘Hack Now, Decrypt Later’ (HNDL) attacks are already being conducted today, the world’s cybersecurity foundations are going through a paradigm shift.

In this context, it is crucial that we transform our current network infrastructure to make it quantum-safe already today.

Making quantum security networks a reality with no delay

To achieve quantum-safe security, governments and enterprises are turning to Quantum Key Distribution (QKD): the only proven long-term solution available today compatible with existing telecommunication infrastructure.

QKD is by essence a point-to-point solution, whether it’s based on fiber optic deployment or free space. Fiber-based deployments can typically cover distances up to 100 to 150 kilometers before a hardware relay node is required. Satellite QKD technology, which is still under development, will cover longer distances and will need to be connected to the fiber optic infrastructure. Therefore, keys need to be intelligently and efficiently routed throughout the network and an additional layer is required to go beyond the optical point-to-point layer.


Leverage top-notch quantum-safe security from the core to the edge of your network

Ensure easy blend-in integration in existing infrastructures, scalability, guaranteed governance, and control.


Keeping QKD at the core of the secure solution


Seamless integration in existing network infrastructure


Field-proven extensive experience


Validated with most encryption vendors


Open standards based


Multi-QKD / Multi-KMS interoperability


Cost-effective scalability


Easy to deploy QKD-based PaaS

What is a Key Management System in the Quantum World?

A Quantum Key Management System (Q-KMS) is a networking framework to route symmetric cryptographic keys between users, as opposed to conventional KMS that are more centralized solution that store, distribute, and manage life cycle of mostly asymmetric cryptographic keys.

The Q-KMS is a layer between the QKD point-to-point system and the applications that consume keys.

Why use a Quantum Key Management System?

Originally, QKD was used in simple point-to-point configurations, which restricts use cases and market adoption. However, there are no quantum-safe networks without Q-KMS. This layer enables organizations to deploy quantum-safe solutions in a cost-effective and efficient way on top of an existing telecommunication infrastructure.

The Q-KMS is a central piece of software that allows to extend QKD networks beyond point-to-point: it acts as the glue of the QKD network and ensures long-distance reach of the Quantum keys through the QKD network. This network can be managed with standard communication network technologies, such as Software Defined Networking (SDN).

How does a Quantum Key Management System work?

Its main role is to leverage QKD keys to securely transfer symmetric consumer keys over long distances. This layer is also responsible for managing and ensuring the quality of service whatever happens in the QKD layer. It can automatically provide customers with keys, either via redundant path, via key buffer or via redundant KMS when applicable.

We can summarize its role as follows:

  1. Provide keys to the Key consumers in the Secure Application Layer
  2. Extend the Quantum Secure Network beyond the point-to-point restriction of the QKD Layer
  3. Be able to communicate with other KMS networks
  4. Retrieve Quantum Keys from the QKD Layer

IDQ’s Q-KMS implements open standards on most interface:

Quantum KMS roles

Clarion KX Service and Software Security

The Q-KMS and Software layer above the QKD system plays a critical role in maintaining a coherent security ecosystem to guarantee end-to-end Post Quantum security. Therefore, IDQ products focus on addressing all the following aspects:



Management of critical assets


Management and monitoring channels


User management and authentication


System life cycle


Agile and certified cryptographic modules


All the features listed above depend on secure operations, which means the use of cryptographic modules needs to be certified (for international or domestic needs). And, when not relying on QKD technology, it needs the capacity to be updated regularly to follow the new patch or developments in the field of cryptography.

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