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High-performance single-photon detection solutions

Reliable and easy-to-use Swiss-made quantum optical sensing solutions for experiments and applications in academia and industry.

  • Superconducting nanowire (SNSPD) systems for the very best in single-photon detection
  • NIR SPADs optimized for telecom wavelengths, compactness and cost effectiveness, or extremely low dark counts​​
  • Picosecond pulsed lasers for a compact, easy to use source of telecom-band, NIR, visible and UV laser photons​
  • Time controllers for all-in-one time-tagging, coincidence correlation and delay/pulse generation
High-performance single-photon detection solutions

Enhance your experiments with the sensitivity and precision of single photons


  • Highest possible sensitivity
    Detect single photons of light to see even the weakest signals.
  • Faster measurements
    Achieve high count rates with detector recovery on the order of nanoseconds.
  • Picosecond precision
    Record photon arrival times with picosecond resolution.
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratios
    Enjoy ultra-low dark count rates and high detection efficiencies for exceptional SNR.
Enhance your experiments with single photons

Trust our 20 years of experience

With over 20 years of experience, ID Quantique is a proven global leader in transforming cutting-edge research into reliable, industrialized products.We stand apart in our commitment to innovation, our focus on industrializing quantum technologies, and our collaborations with leading research institutions to continue advancing the state-of-the-art in single-photon detection.


Reliable, Swiss-made devices with traceable quality


Advancing the state of the art with top research groups


Best-in-class performance, easy-to-use products


Worldwide delivery and round-the-clock support

Valued customers

Superconducting Nanowire Series

Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) represent the very best in single-photon detection, with unparalleled efficiency, timing precision, recovery time, and noise performance. We offer two systems, both with the same industry-leading detector performance.


ID281 SNSPD System

A high-performance SNSPD system for research applications, used in labs around the world.

ID281 SO (Sorption) System
View the ID281 SNSPD

ID281 Pro SNSPD System

A compact, rack-mounted SNSPD system designed for even greater reliability, simplicity, and easy integration.

View the ID281 Pro SNSPD

Commitment to quality

Quality is an important focus at ID Quantique. All our detectors are built, tested, and characterized at our headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland with inspections and performance verification at every stage, while our superconducting nanowire wafers are fabricated in state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities in Lausanne, Switzerland.

We follow robust quality control protocols including ISO 9001 standards compliance. Customers can be confident our detectors will meet their demanding application requirements due to our experienced engineering staff, industrialized manufacturing process, and dedication to continuous improvement over decades of detector production. With low defect rates and strong warranties, we stand behind the reliability and quality of our single-photon detection solutions.

iso9001 certification

Quality 5
Quality 2
Quality 1

Use case spotlight

Ariane 6 space launcher program

Ground test equipment for fiber optic control system integrity testing.

Ariane 6 is the first space launcher using a fiber optic control system and opto-pyrotechnics.
IDQ has developed and supplied to ArianeGroup a fully customized and dedicated ground test system capable of:

  • High-speed real-time monitoring of opto-pyromechanical controls
  • Reliable continuous & autonomous pass/fail status reporting

Benefits of this system include:

  • Cheaper, lighter, and safer thanks to fiber optics
  • 50% cost reduction objective compared to Ariane 5
Ariane 6 opto-pyrotechnic system

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