Providing the ultimate, long-term data protection in a post-quantum world

IDQ’s Cerberis Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) System provides the ultimate in quantum-safe security, guaranteeing provably secure key exchange for encryption and other security devices on point-to-point backbone and storage networks. The Clavis3 is an open QKD platform for R&D applications.

The Centauris range is a range of high-performance, quantum-ready network encryption solutions for the security of data in transit. They support Ethernet, Fibre Channel and MPLS encryption up to 100 Gbps. Centauris encryptors can be upgraded to be quantum-safe through the addition of the Cerberis3 QKD System.

And IDQ’s Quantum Key Generation solutions ensure the creation of truly random encryption keys and unique digital tokens for all secure crypto operations.


Quantum Key Distribution

Cerberis3 QKD System

  • Provably secure key exchange
  • Highly stable & resilient to mechanical vibrations
  • Single core through multiplexing of all channels on single fibre
  • Interoperability with major Ethernet and OTN encryptors
Product Details

Clavis3 QKD Platform

  • Open QKD platform for R&D applications
  • High-Speed Key Generation and distribution up to 100km
  • Option for external detectors
  • Coherent One-Way (COW) Protocol
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Clavis300 Quantum Cryptography Platform

  • Integrated QKD & Encryption System for R&D applications
  • Provably secure key exchange
  • Long distance QKD via key relays
  • Modular solution to accommodate network configurations testing
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Quantum-Safe Network Encryption

Centauris CN9000 Series

  • High-assurance, ultra-low latency encryption
  • QRNG-powered 100Gbps encryption
  • Robust, scalable and simple
  • Upgradeable to Quantum-Safe Security
Product Details

Centauris CN8000

  • Uncompromising performance, flexibility and scalability
  • QRNG-powered, multi-link encryption
  • Multi-tenant, Ethernet & Fibre Channel encryption
  • Upgradeable to Quantum-Safe Security
Product Details

Centauris CN6000 Series

  • Robust, business-class encryption
  • Addressing the most performance-intensive environments
  • Ultra-reliable, defence-grade for enterprise customers
  • Upgradeable to Quantum-Safe Security
Product Details

Centauris CN4000 Series

  • High-assurance, transparent, full-line rate encryption
  • Versatile, supports all Layer 2 network topologies
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation and management
Product Details

Centauris CV1000 Virtual Encryptor

  • Agile, scalable solution
  • Multi-Layer (L2, L3 & L4) network architectures
  • 100% interoperability with IDQ Centauris encryptors
  • Cost-effective
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Quantum Key Generation

Quantis Appliance

  • Trusted and certified source of quantum randomness
  • Distributed architecture to support multiple applications simultaneously
  • Linux kernel pool entropy feeder and HSM entropy injector
  • Designed for Data Centre / IT / Telecom environments
  • Simple, web-based configuration and management
Product Details

Quantum Key Factory

  • True random number generation platform based on Quantis QRNG
  • Live verification of the core QRNG to ensure ongoing trust in the entropy source
  • Worldwide government certifications, including Swiss METAS certification and German BSI validation according to AIS 31.
  • Best practices in key scheduling, key mixing, key storage, key auditing
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