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Quantis Random Number Generator

True Random Number Generator exploiting the randomness of quantum physics

  • True hardware random number generator (RNG)
  • Trusted and certified source of quantum randomness
  • Continuous status check and failure detection mechanism
  • Instant entropy, scalable for different applications
  • Advanced functionalities such as scaling and randomness extraction

Quantis is a family of hardware random number generators (RNG) which use the fundamentally random nature of quantum optics as a source of true randomness (cf. Wikipedia: physical phenomena with quantum random properties)

First released in 2001, and certified to the highest levels of entropy testing, Quantis delivers reliable randomness at rates up to 16 Mbps.

The product exists in two hardware RNG versions compatible with most platforms:

  • USB device – random stream of 4Mbits/sec
  • PCI Express (PCIe) board – random stream of 4Mbits/sec and 16Mbits/sec

In addition, Quantis is available in the Quantis Appliance device, AIS31 Validated Products (validated according to the German BSI AIS31 methodology) and as an OEM Component. 

Quantis provides instant entropy for high-quality encryption keys and random draws right from boot up

  • True hardware random number generator (RNG)
  • Uses quantum optics process to create true quantum randomness (passes all randomness tests)
  • Allows live status verification
  • Highly resilient to environmental perturbations
  • High bit rate up to 16Mbits/sec for PCI Express card
  • Affordable, compact and reliable
  • Compatible with all major operating systems
  • EasyQuantis application with graphical user interface – click here for more information and to download the application
  • Easy integration using the Quantis library

Quantis is officially certified

Quantis has the most certifications in the market.

  • NIST SP800-22 Compliance
  • METAS Certification
  • CTL Certification
  • BSI AIS 31-compliance Certificate (see the Quantis AIS31 validated RNG)
  • iTech Labs

Quantis has been submitted to the NIST SP800-22 test suite and successfully passed all the statistical tests.

Quantis has been evaluated and certified by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (also known as METAS), the Swiss national organization in charge of measurement science, testing and compliance. It confirmed that the quality of its random output complies with the highest requirements. See the Certificate of Conformity and read the Test Report.

Quantis has also been evaluated by Compliance Testing Laboratory (Bangor, UK), which confirmed that it is “suitably unpredictable and fit for purpose”. Download certificate in PDF format here.

Quantis has also been validated according to the German BSI’s stringent AIS31 test standard. For more information see the Quantis AIS31 validated RNG.

Quantis has also been approved by national authorities and can be used for gaming applications.

These certifications helped make Quantis the most trusted RNG on the market: Quantis Certification Collection.

Applications for security and cryptography

The Quantis true random number generator (TRNG) solves the fundamental problem of all cryptosystems – the need for true randomness – in order to ensure that encryption keys, tokens, PIN numbers, seeds for pseudo RNGs and digital signatures are unique and cannot be predicted.

Designed for any application that uses cryptography or requires high-quality entropy and randomness, Quantis is the market leader in cost-effectiveness, reliability, and government and commercial certifications.

The Quantis random number generator (RNG) is also at the core of ID Quantique’s Quantum Key Generation platforms, which provides tested encryption keys and unique digital tokens for highly secure crypto operations

  • Lotteries & gaming
  • Cryptography
  • IT Security applications
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Password & PIN number generation
  • Random seed generation
  • Mobile prepaid systems
  • Numerical simulations
  • Statistical research