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ID Quantique is proud to offer factory refurbished detectors and electronics at 5% – 40% below original retail price. This stock is comprised of devices used for customer demos, tradeshow displays, internal R&D support, as well as items that have been traded in for credit towards our SNSPD systems.

All items have been factory reconditioned, recalibrated and are backed by a 1 year warranty.

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ID100 Refurbished Visible Single-Photon Detector

High timing resolution and low dark count rate

  • Free-running
  • 35% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate <7 Hz
  • 40 ps timing resolution


ID120 Refurbished Visible Single-Photon Detector

High quantum efficiency at 800nm large active area 500μm

  • Free-running
  • 80% quantum efficiency
  • 500 μm active area
  • Adjustable settings


ID220/ID221 Refurbished Infrared Single-Photon Detector

Cost-Effective Module for Asynchronous Single-Photon Detection at Telecom Wavelengths

  • Free-running
  • 20% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate <500Hz
  • 150 ps timing resolution


Successful experimental demonstration of quantum advantage using IDQ’s ID230 detectors

ID230 Refurbished Infrared Single-Photon Detector

Free-running InGaAs/InP photon counter with extremely low dark count

  • Free-running
  • 25% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate: 50 Hz
  • 150 ps timing resolution


ID800/ID801 Refurbished Time-to-digital Converter

8 channel Time-to-Digital converter, coincidence counter and time interval analyzer

  • 81ps time bins
  • Count rates up to 15 million events/second
  • Easy to use control and data acquisition software
  • Integrated coincidence counters


ID900 Refurbished Time Controller Series

Time-tagging, delay and pattern generation

  • Timestamping and histogramming
  • Delay generation with multi-hit ability
  • Pattern generation
  • 1 GHz counters


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