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ID Quantique launches a new family of ID281 SNSPDs

The ID281 Series of superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) is heating up, with the best in single-photon detection getting even better.

New additions to the ID281 Series allow you to see individual photons faster and with even greater precision than ever before, bringing you closer to the fabric of reality itself. At the same time, your laboratory will be streamlined, as the new detectors require simpler cryogenic systems to operate, giving you true 24/7 continuous operation for the first time, and all at a lower cost.

Our mission at IDQ is to empower your work in emerging photonic technologies and quantum applications, and researchers and developers around the world are already finding out that SNSPDs are making the impossible possible, helping us all reach the goal of tomorrow’s quantum internet. Aided by our existing range of ID281 SNSPDs – already boasting near-perfect detection efficiency, timing precision, ultra-low noise and fast recovery time – you can push your photonic experiments to the limit. But thanks to our new SNSPD recipe, it gets even better.

First and foremost, the new-recipe ID281 SNSPDs exhibit a considerably reduced timing jitter (uncertainty in the detection pulse arrival time, as low as < 25 ps FWHM) and recovery time (time for the detection efficiency to reach 50% of its peak after a detection event, typ. < 30 ns). This means you can see more individual photons, faster, with greater precision.

In the past, the ID281 Superconducting Nanowire Series existed as a single system design – now referred to as the ID281 SO (SOrption) cryogenic system – with the SNSPDs housed within held at about 0.8 K, operating continuously and indefinitely except for an automatically managed daily system recycling. However, the new family of ID281 SNSPDs – and their greater temperature tolerance – have led to the development of the ID281 CO (Continuous Operation) cryogenic system: a simpler arrangement of cryogenic components that allows for true 24/7 indefinite operation, and at lower cost to you. Importantly, both standard and new ID281 SNSPDs will function in the ID281 SO system – and at the best levels of performance – but only new-recipe ID281 SNSPDs will function in the ID281 CO System.

Visit the ID281 Series page to find out more about our full range of SNSPD solutions and accessories – including integrated rack-mounted systems and related high-performance measurement and control instrumentation – or talk to us today directly at info@idquantique.com.

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The new and improved ID281 Superconducting Nanowire Series

Two cryogenic systems


ID281 SO (Sorption) System


ID281 SO (SOrption) System

  • 23/7 operation or > 40 h runtime at 0.8K
  • Best detector performance
  • Full detector catalogue
  • Robust and ultra-stable performance guaranteed
  • Longer periods between maintenance


ID281 CO (Continuous Operation) System


NEW ID281 CO (Continuous Operation) System

  • 24/7 operation (no interruptions)
  • Faster cooldown time
  • Ultrafast and precise detectors
  • Cost-effective
  • Continually expanding detector catalogue


Expanded SNSPD catalogue

  • Near-perfect detection efficiency: can exceed 95%
  • Ultra-low noise: as low as < 1 Hz dark count rate
  • Superb precision with built-in cryogenic amplifiers: as low as < 25 ps FWHM timing jitter
  • Ultrafast detectors with maximum detection rates above 100 MHz
  • True latch-free operation for all detectors

Easy to use

  • Optional rack-mounting customization for safety and mobility
  • ID281 Control Box for plug-and-play operation
  • ID1000 Time Controller for ultrafast ultra-precise data acquisition

ID281 complete package


These improvements to our ID281 Series of SNSPDs are making the impossible possible, for hundreds of researchers and developers around the world. I am amazed that SNSPD technology is making it possible to detect nearly 100% of photons with close to no dark counts and very small jitter. IDQ has been offering single-photon detection solutions for more than two decades. With a lot of passion and experience, our teams continue to focus on innovation with a strong commitment to quality, bringing outstanding performance to the market.
Marc Nikles, CMO at ID Quantique

Your photonic sensing journey

Every user’s needs are unique, and the breadth and performance of our SNSPDs means that every system is tailored especially to you.

Your ID281 Series journey begins in complementary and non-binding consultation with our expert team—to define the detection solution that is right for you—and continues with a smooth and fast delivery, installation and user training, followed by always-available ongoing support.

Talk to us today to start your journey, and find out what SNSPDs can do for you.

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