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Gigahertz Detection Rates and Dynamic Photon-Number Resolution with SNSPD Arrays

We are thrilled to present new research from a collaboration between ID Quantique and GAP at the University of Geneva, recently published in Nano Letters. This paper, titled “Gigahertz Detection Rates and Dynamic Photon-Number Resolution with Superconducting Nanowire Arrays” shows a high-performance SNSPD array composed of 14 pixels with independent readouts, and demonstrates ground-breaking performance in both photon-number resolution and detection rates.

The paper shows detection of telecom photons at an extremely fast 1.5 GHz with 45% absolute system detection efficiency, with 90% SDE at lower rates. The same array also offers ground-breaking photon-number resolution for SNSPDs, with 2-photon and 3-photon fidelities of 74% and 57%, respectively. Moreover, there is no limitation related to the duration of the light pulse being analyzed, enabling the use of these detectors for PNR with cavity-enhanced sources with long coherence times. This can be important for a range of applications including photonic quantum computing and quantum repeater protocols for long distance communication, which generally require very narrow bandwidth photons.

This paper represents a significant advance in the field of high-speed, photon-number-resolving single-photon detectors.

Read it here!

We are also delighted to announce that detectors like those mentioned in the paper are commercially available from ID Quantique! These Multi-Pixel devices have been added to our flagship ID281 Superconducting Nanowire series of detectors – don’t hesitate to call us for more information. We are excited to offer these cutting-edge technologies to enable and enhance your research and applications. Contact us today.

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