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ID Quantique launches Clarion KX, an intelligent Quantum-enhanced Key Exchange platform

Introducing Clarion KX: ID Quantique’s (IDQ) Quantum Key exchange software platform enables a seamless future-proofing of the network security for enterprises, while enabling telco operators to offer new quantum-safe services that provide long-term security of data in transit for their valued B-to-B customers and users.

As ‘Harvest Now, Decrypt Later’ (HNDL) cyberattacks can already be conducted through tapping into the telecommunication infrastructure, telco operators and organizations with sensitive data are looking at the cost-effective ways to ensure their most vulnerable infrastructure is resilient against the emerging Quantum threat. To strengthen the security of their network backbone, organizations can now leverage Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), a proven long-term security solution that is available today and compatible with existing telecommunication infrastructure. The risk of unnecessary exposure that the looming cybersecurity threats pose to the public key algorithms can now be mitigated with a layered approach to quantum-safe network architecture.

Today IDQ is proud to announce the release of Clarion KX, a comprehensive and a field-proven quantum-safe key exchange software platform that intelligently leverages both algorithm-based encryption and quantum physics-based communication security to ensure a highly secure out-of-band key distribution anywhere on the network. It tightly integrates with the QKD infrastructure to leverage its long term secure key generation and distribution, while ensuring long-distance reach of the quantum keys through the QKD network and beyond. On top of that, it employs the highest available NIST-approved source of randomness (QRNG), together with hybrid cryptography to ensure maximum level of security.

Designed for crypto-agility, seamless integration, and data center interoperability, Clarion KX represents a major leap forward to facilitate Quantum key delivery to any encryption appliances and services in real-time regardless of their locations in complex networks. It offers compatibility with industry standard interfaces on any OSI layer whether being optical, MACSec or IPSec based VPN. Clarion KX is a flexible service running either directly on QKD appliances or separately on standalone IDQ Soltera KX hardware system. It enables a new ecosystem of quantum-safe connectivity and services to perfectly fit the needs of its customers.

Clarion KX also enables telco operators to generate new revenue streams by providing high value premium services to their customers looking for long-term security such as Quantum Key as a Service or Quantum-Safe bandwidth as a Service. These new telecom bundles allow for an enterprise organization to benefit from the best-in-class quantum-safe network security without any capital expenditures, time investment, and it lowers the overwhelming complexity of the cryptographic migration.

Our Clarion KX software platform has already been deployed on nationwide networks. It significantly reduces the complexity of the migration to quantum-safe cybersecurity, making QKD integration as effective as possible, while providing telco operators with opportunities to propose new enhanced service offerings to their customers.”

Grégoire Ribordy, CEO and co-founder, ID Quantique

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