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The Brno University of Technology opens a unique laboratory of quantum security

Based in Brno in Czech Republic, the BUT opens today a new laboratory equipped with ID Quantique’s Clavis 3 QKD system which will enable scientists to work on the protection of sensitive data and next-generation computer networks.

The opening of the laboratory responds to current trends abroad, especially in the EU, the USA and China, where similar infrastructures are already being built and interconnected into transnational networks.

In the Czech Republic, the laboratory at the Brno University of Technology has the ambition to become one of the first building blocks of the so-called National Quantum Network. The results of measurements and experience with the deployment of quantum networks will be used in its construction under the banner of CyberSecurity Hub, of which BUT is a founding member, and then in connecting infrastructure with European partners, where the goal is to participate in a whole Europe initiative to build quantum communication infrastructure – EuroQCI.


The aim is to verify the properties of the equipment in our laboratory, then increase the distances between the communicating parties to several tens of kilometres. We plan to achieve this through pilot connections between FEEC and FIT BUT or between BUT and Masaryk University. Active cooperation with partners across the Czech Republic is important – the project leader Jan Hajný from BUT explains.


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