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Scalable Semiconductor Light Sources: From atomic quantum light sources in silicon to scale-invariant on-chip lasers

In the search for the ideal quantum information processing platform, “scaling” is perhaps the most challenging question. Among many quantum information platforms, photons play a fundamental role because they are necessary for future quantum networks to enable communication between distant quantum nodes. Silicon’s potential for integration and scalability makes it a key platform for large-scale quantum technologies. To realize this potential, individual artificial atoms formed by impurities have emerged as a promising solution for silicon-based integrated quantum circuits. However, the lack of a single qubit featuring an optical interface, necessary for long-distance information exchange, has been a limitation in quantum technology applications.

What you will learn in this exciting webinar

In this talk, Dr. Walid Redjem, postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, will present recent breakthroughs in the study of single artificial atoms in silicon. His team has discovered that these atoms emit bright and polarized single photons at telecom wavelengths, making them suitable for long-distance propagation in optical fibers. The quantum defects correspond to a pair of carbon atoms embedded in the silicon lattice. Using carbon implantation and rapid thermal annealing, it produced tens of thousands of individually addressable artificial atoms.

His team also demonstrated the embedding of single atomic emissive centers into a high-quality factor nanophotonic cavity, which resulted in a 30-fold enhancement and a 10-fold acceleration of the emission. Lastly, Walid will briefly discuss recent development of a scale-invariant laser based on a photonic crystal cavity with linear dispersion. His experiments have shown that the Dirac singularity erases higher order modes from the laser, regardless of its size. These findings hold exciting possibilities for the future of quantum technologies.

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Dr. Walid Redjem - Scalable Semiconductor Light Sources WebinarDr. Walid Redjem

Dr. Walid Redjem is a researcher in the field of quantum nanophotonics. He received his master’s degree in quantum devices from École Normale Supérieure and the University of Paris Diderot in 2016. During his Ph.D. studies at the University of Montpellier in France, he focused on silicon-integrated quantum light sources, including the discovery of single artificial atoms in silicon that emit single photons in the telecommunication wavelengths.

Currently, Dr. Redjem is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, in the EECS department. His current research focuses on developing new types of classical and quantum light sources using topological photonics. Additionally, Dr. Redjem is a co-inventor of the scalable open-Dirac surface-emitting laser.

Dr. Redjem’s research has garnered recognition in the field of quantum photonics. His publications have been widely cited, and he has presented his findings at international conferences. His work shows promise for advancing the field and contributing to the scientific community.

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