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ID100 Visible Single-Photon Detector

High timing resolution and low dark count rate

  • Free-running
  • 35% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate <5Hz
  • 40ps timing resolution
ID Quantique’s ID100 series offers compact and affordable single-photon counting modules with best-in-class timing resolution (for TCSPC application) and low dead time.

Based on a reliable silicon avalanche photodiode sensitive in the visible spectral range, the module is able to detect weak optical signals down to the single photon level.

With a timing resolution of only 40ps and a dead time of 45ns, this module outperforms existing commercial detectors in all applications requiring single photon detection with high timing accuracy. The ID100 has excellent timing stability up to count rates of 20MHz.

The ID101 series targets OEM applications by offering the world’s smallest photon counter for the visible range. It consists of a standard TO5 – 8pin optoelectronic package, a CMOS chip combining a 50um diameter single photon APD and a fast quenching electronics, mounted on a thermoelectric cooler.

Versions with optical fiber coupling – including singlemode, multimode 50um and multimode 100um – are available.

Key features

  • Active area diameter of 50um or 20um
  • Stand-alone unit: no DC power supply required
  • Easy to mount on an optical bench
  • Provided with universal network adapter (110/220V)
  • Free of indicating LEDs to maintain complete darkness
  • OEM module available for high-volume applications
  • Time-correlated single photon counting TCSPC
  • Time-resolved confocal microscopy
  • Fluorescence and luminescence detection
  • Single molecule spectroscopy, DNA sequencing
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • Decay time measurements, laser testing
  • Spectrophotometry, Flow cytometry
  • LIDAR, optical range finding
  • Quantum optics, quantum cryptography, OTDR