Quantis Appliance


  • True quantum randomness, with certified internal QRNG
  • Hot pluggable and swappable into operating networks
  • Runtime health check and automatic reboot in case of anomalies
  • High bit rate up to 16 Mbits/s
  • Rackable system: standard 19″ 1U


  • Cryptography
  • IT Security Applications
  • Hardware Security Modules
  • Entropy seeding for Linux servers
  • Entropy generation for data centers
  • VPN encryption
  • Password & PIN Number Generation
  • Random seed generation
  • Lotteries & Gaming


The Quantis Appliance is a network-attached device, which securely generates and delivers high-quality random numbers for security and cryptographic applications in enterprise, government, gaming and cloud environments. The Quantis Appliance is designed for environments, where high availability is necessary. It can be inserted in, or removed from, an operating network with no impact on any other appliance, such as servers, switches and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

The random numbers generated by the Quantis Appliance are used for different applications: to generate high-quality cryptographic keys for encryption or authentication; to seed deterministic PRNGs and provide additional randomness for commercial HSMs, or to provide entropy for online gaming and mathematical simulations

The Quantis Appliance serves as a hardware source of trust for cloud or distributed environments, with both Linux and Windows operating systems. It provides secure keys for Virtual Machines (VMs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), HSMs and remote desktops. It is also used in Randomness-as- a-Service (RaaS) or Security as a Service (SaaS) environments.


The Quantis PCIe is designed to be integrated into a PC or server. Similarly, the Quantis USB has to be connected to a single PC or server. In both cases, the Quantis are entirely dedicated to one system.

In a network environment, where high availability is paramount, such a setup is not suitable. Servers have to operate 24/7, all year round, with no interruption. Good practices require that they are not interfered with in any way. Integrating any device into a server, or connecting a device directly to a USB port of a server increase the risk of downtime.

The Quantis Appliance was specifically designed to meet the requirements of high availability environments. Using an Ethernet port, the QA is a distributed device that can provide several systems with randomness. It is an autonomous device, which integrates seamlessly into different types of networks. Its watchdog control guarantees low maintenance. The Quantis Appliance provides high-quality randomness to any number of connected devices.


1. Quantis Appliance with multiple servers

QA Linux ServerThe Quantis Appliance is connected to multiple servers through a switch. It is hot pluggable and swappable. The random numbers obtained by servers can be used in any application.

2. Quantis Appliance seeding an HSM

QA Random HSMThe different elements, server, HSM and the Quantis Appliance are integrated in a LAN. The server organises the communication to the devices and orchestrates the distribution of random numbers to the HSM. The Quantis Appliance is hot pluggable and swappable, ensuring seamless integration, even within an operating network.

3. Quantis Appliance directly seeding a Safenet Network HSM

QA SafeNet HSM

A proprietary tool was developed by ID Quantique to enable direct seeding of the Safenet Network HSMs (Luna SA 4 and Luna SA 5), without the need for an external server. The user configures the Quantis Appliance to deliver a chosen rate of random numbers to the HSM. Tools for the other types and other brands of HSMs will be added at a later stage. The Quantis Appliance is hot pluggable and swappable, ensuring seamless integration with operating HSM.


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