Datacentre Solutions

quantum safe crypto for long-term data protection

  • High performance network encryption with certified randomness source for encryption keys
  • Quantum cryptography or QKD
  • Quantum key generation platform for highly secure crypto-operations
  • Proven Swiss security
  • Uncompromisingly high performance
  • Full range of interoperable encryptors for company wide encryption


In a world where data assets are often more valuable than physical assets, organisations and governments are required to back up their most critical information and to ensure data availability for business continuity purposes. CIOs have the conundrum of how to protect large flows of sensitive information in transit to the data center without reducing the performance of real-time back-ups and without impacting the latency-sensitive fabric of Fibre Channel switches.

In the past, many organisations relied on the use of dedicated optical fibers in private networks in the false belief that this would protect their data. However, even private links are vulnerable to interception and hacking, and the only effective method of protecting data in transit is through encryption.

IDQ’s data centre┬ásolutions allow organisations to encrypt high throughput traffic to data recovery centers without impacting performance. Easy installation and “set & forget” functioning ensure that the encryption does not place an additional burden on the network team, while the encryptors’ transparency to the network ensure that high availability architectures and network availability is not impacted in any way.

State of the art security features meet the most stringent regulatory requirements and uphold best security practices within the data center. Moreover, the CN8000 multilink encryption platform also allows organisations with multiple different links and protocols to implement wide scale encryption in an extremely cost-effective way, allowing CIOs to significantly reduce their data risk within a limited budget.

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