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ICFO Institute of Photonic Sciences achieve new milestone with IDQ’s SNSPDs

In recent news, researchers at the ICFO Institute of Photonic Sciences in the group of Hugues de Riedmatten have achieved an important milestone towards extending future quantum communication channels.

The ability to distribute entanglement across a quantum network is of paramount importance in a future-proof quantum internet. In building quantum communication channels, this kind of entanglement distribution would extend the channels’ range through quantum repeater technology.

In a practical timeframe, Samuele Grandi, Dario Lago-Rivera and Jelena V. Rakonjac of ICFO demonstrated successful entanglement of remote quantum memories and, for the first time, entanglement between a telecom-wavelength photon and an on-demand multimode quantum memory, laying the groundwork for a future broadband quantum repeater.

Watch this space for ID Quantique’s upcoming use case, exploring the use of the ID281 SNSPDs in these experiments.

ICFO Institute of Photonic Sciences achieve new milestone with IDQ's SNSPDs

Figure: Schematic of the heralded entanglement experiment in D. Lago-Rivera et al., 2021




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