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As the world transitions into a quantum era, information security professionals need to be confident that the systems they have in place are fit for purpose. What are the benefits of implementing Quantum Random Number Generation and could it help future proof your organization?

Blog: Quantum RNG: The Cornerstone of Security

We live in an increasingly connected world; one where data protection has become more than just a compliance issue. Existing prevention technologies have proved ineffective against systems breaches, so information security professionals are turning to encryption to help protect the data itself.

QRNG has also huge benefits for applications in computing and financial simulations, as well as in providing instantaneous true randomness for next-generation algorithms.

In this blog, we explore the vital role of randomness in creating a secure digital world and the emerging, mass-market appeal of QRNG.

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Infographic: Entropy Everywhere

The applications for QRNG are many and varied. They are helping to secure the next generation of mobile phone communications, providing long-term data protection for sensitive or personally identifiable information used in financial transactions, securing big data transmitted to and from cloud and datacenter services, even helping to secure the future of V2X communications.

Explore the role of random numbers in securing an increasingly mobile and connected world with our new infographic.

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Guide: A Revolution In Randomness

Experts predict the dawn of the quantum computing era is just a decade away. However, some quantum technologies have already become mainstream and are used as a differentiator.

The technology’s miniaturization and performance enables OEMs to integrate a source of true randomness into mobile and remote solutions like never before.

In this eBook we look in more detail at the vital role Quantum Random Number Generation plays in securing the modern digital landscape.

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Video: Quantum Random Number Generation for mobile phones and IoT

Today’s digital activities have turned mobile phones into a goldmine of financial, health, business and personal information, raising the need for security to the edge.

How does IDQ’s Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) chip strengthen mobile phone and IoT cybersecurity to protect devices in the post-quantum era?

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integrated solutions journey

Use Case: The World’s First QRNG-Powered 5G Smartphone

SK Telecom, Korea’s leading ICT company, has led the advancement of mobile technologies not only leading innovation in the field of mobile network, but also providing IoT, media, home and platform services.

When SK Telecom wanted to add security as a differentiator to its latest 5G phone, it turned to Samsung and ID Quantique.

The ultra-secure Galaxy A Quantum comes equipped with the world’s smallest QRNG chip, developed by IDQ.

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Watch Our Webinars

Watch our series of webinars exploring the wide range of QRNG applications.

See how major mobile operators have applied QRNG to their new smartphones, how Quantum Randomness assures the highest level of security for IoT devices, and how QRNG will make connected vehicles safe in the quantum age.

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Don’t leave random numbers to chance

Since 2001, ID Quantique has been the world leader in Quantum Random Number Generation. Our Quantis QRNG range is a trusted source of randomness for applications as diverse as IoT device security, mobile phones, banking, gaming, V2X to a wide range of computing and financial simulations.

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