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Launch of the ID900 Time Controller

ID Quantique (IDQ) is pleased to announce the launch of the ID900 Time Controller, the first agile timing device with 20ps precision.

After three years of research, IDQ has developed reconfigurable logic with 20ps timing resolution. This enabled the creation of the Time Controller – the only device on the market able to control high-speed experiments and systems from start to finish with the highest timing accuracy. Designed for flexibility, it quickly solves a variety of problems encountered in the laboratory.

The Time Controller’s four inputs and four outputs can be configured for counting, timestamping, delay generation pulse/pattern generation and signal conversion, offering improved performance and features in each of these functions with respect to current solutions:

  • Up to 100Mcps
  • Counting capability up to 1GHz
  • Multihit delay generation with no maximum time limit
  • 1mV accuracy discriminators
  • Sustained data transfer rate of 100Mcps and
  • Device synchronization for up to 64 channels.

Particular attention has been paid to ensuring that both the graphical and programming user interfaces are as easy as possible to use and integrate in any programming language, such as LabView, Python, Matlab, C/C++.

The Time Controller will enable you to efficiently tackle your next project in quantum communication, TCSPC, particle physics or any field where high-performance timing and control is necessary.

Visit the ID900 Product page on our website for more information about this robust module.


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