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Quantum Risk Assessment: The evolutionQ methodology

The ninth Winter School on Quantum Cybersecurity took place in January 2017. Amongst the many outstanding presentations was a session presented by Prof. Michele Mosca from the Institute of Quantum Computing in Waterloo (Canada) and evolutionQ Inc; entitled Quantum Risk Assessment: How to assess the risk to cybersecurity created by the quantum computer.

The concept behind a quantum risk assessment is to provide an organisation with an understanding of the extent of its quantum-related cybersecurity risk; plus, a timeframe within which quantum-enabled threats are likely to emerge.

Armed with the results of the assessment, an organisation is better placed to take a proactive approach to quantum risk management or mitigation. Enabling the development of a roadmap to a quantum-safe state that would include the implementation and validation of quantum-safe solutions as a part of the normal life-cycle management, rather than as a response to a crisis.

Prof. Mosca and his team at evolutionQ developed a 6-phase methodology, which should be used by organisations worldwide to assess and mitigate quantum-related risk, depending on their specific security needs. The evolutionQ methodology is presented in a white paper recently released by the Global Risk Institute and available at: https://globalriskinstitute.org/publications/3423-2/

Who could benefit from a quantum risk assessment? Well, any organisation that has long-term data security or confidentiality requirements for a start. Also, any organisation that has a security-first approach to IT or a complex infrastructure that may take time to upgrade.

If this describes your organisation, we recommend you download at the white paper and start planning your quantum risk assessment now.

NOTE: Michele Mosca and ID Quantique have been collaborating on Quantum Safe Security issues for more than a decade. For more information, contact Michele Mosca: michele.mosca@evolutionq.com

We recommend you download the white paper: https://globalriskinstitute.org/publications/3423-2/

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