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Samsung Galaxy Quantum 3 smartphone

The newest 5G smartphone with quantum security, protecting customers most valuable information.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Quantum 3?

The new Galaxy Quantum 3 is equipped with the world’s smallest (width 2.5 x length 2.5mm) Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) chipset, enabling trusted authentication and encryption of information allowing smartphone holders to use applications and services in a safer and more secure manner by generating unpredictable and pattern-less true random numbers.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Quantum 3 features a “quantum indicator” which informs users the application is using a quantum secured service.

woman on phone with quantum indicator shown

QRNG function in the Samsung Galaxy Quantum 3

The QRNG quantum chip delivers in-built security at the highest level. It protects the process from log-in / authentication / payment / unlock / OTP generation of services ranging from financial apps to social media and games, offering a much higher level of trust to the users. The QRNG is also used to encrypt data stored in the external memory card.

Samsung quantum phone use case infographic

Applications protected by QRNG

Mobile apps — ranging from mobile banking to payments, social networks and games — as well as for external data storage can access the quantum security features for their service. This third generation of quantum phone offers even more services using the QRNG chip.

Live applications using QRNG Chip

Quantum-enhanced security benefits us all

Since the launch of the first quantum-secured smartphone, the whole mobile ecosystem around it has thrived. In addition to obvious security enhancements and differentiation, the easy access and implementation of quantum security has empowered stakeholders to develop dedicated apps and services which created additional revenue. A strong innovation culture coupled with a security-first mindset has proven to increase users’ trust and loyalty.

Quantum-enhanced security benefits the whole mobile ecosystem

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