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Showcasing quantum cryptography for telecommunications at MWC 2019

For the second year, ID Quantique was present at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, sharing a booth with partner SK Telecom. Over four days the event attracted more than 110,000 people, coming from all over the world to see the latest innovations in the telecommunications industry.

We presented our latest Quantum Cryptography products alongside a brand new V2X security gateway solution, embedding our QRNG SoC and aiming at protecting connected car and self-driving vehicles from external hacking attacks.

For the first time, we displayed a 4D Trusted Repeater using our Clavis300 BB84 QKD system. Such repeater allows Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) networks expansion, for instance to build ring and meshed QKD topologies. This technology is presently deployed within the SK Telecom LTE/5G network, on the Seoul-Daejeon section, to prevent hacking and eavesdropping. This will strengthen the security of 5G and LTE data transmission and reception moving forward.

We also presented the world’s smallest commercial true Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) chip. Based on a technology concept and patent from IDQ, and designed and manufactured by SK Telecom, the QRNG chip harnesses true quantum randomness from the shot noise of a light source captured by a CMOS image sensor. It is designed for critical infrastructure, the automotive industry and security applications.

Ciena Waveserver embeds IDQ QRNG SoC

Ciena, the networking systems, services and software company, was also invited to show its Waveserver 400G OTN platform on SK Telecom’s booth. The platform embeds the IDQ QRNG SoC in order to improve the security key material used for encrypting the traffic on the fly. In the long run, Ciena is also planning to support QKD on its WaveLogic 5 programmable coherent modem platforms.

Securing vehicles against cyber attack

Finally, under the aegis the True Innovation Lab from SK Telecom, a V2X Secure Central Gateway was demonstrated on the booth, which showed how we can leverage the ultra-low latency of a 5G network to detect remote attacks or other emergencies on a vehicle and how to address them quickly.

It is designed on purpose to protect the dozens of Engine Control Units (ECU) operating in several in-vehicle networks (CAN buses) that are vulnerable to dangerous attacks aiming at disabling critical systems. This new solution, an integrated security system installed inside cars, is designed to protect various electronic units and networks in the vehicle.

The V2X Secure Central Gateway serves as a gatekeeper to monitor sensitive devices from external threats, such as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, Bluetooth, Radar/Lidar, operator assistant and smart key systems. All data transmissions are encrypted with a cryptographic key generated by our QRNG SoC to block a hacking attack on the CAN buses and through the mobile communication network. Cybersecurity updates are provided Over-the-Air in real time.

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