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The Quantum Ecosystem Accelerates Further In The Paris Region

France is one of the key world players in research but has suffered from a relative delay in structuring its quantum ecosystem. It is now accelerating, and ID Quantique is delighted to be involved in ongoing projects in the Paris region.

The Paris Region has been a precursor for supporting Quantum Technologies in France, by funding large academic research networks (SIRTEQ, QuanTiP) since 2017, for a total of about 25 M€. Since 2021, there has been a remarkable acceleration of investments at the national level, with the National Quantum Plan presented by French president Emmanuel Macron. In addition to these developments, the Paris region is now supporting also industrial actors, with a new regional plan announced end of last year and an initial investment of 2.5 M€.

quantum technologies in France advances in Paris region of France

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In the short term, 1 M€ has been dedicated to the “ParisRegionQCI (Quantum Communication Infrastructure)” project, coordinated by telco operator Orange, which aims to deploy a quantum communication network between Saclay, Châtillon, and Paris to test secure communication solutions. In this project, Orange, Thales and Nokia, as well as several region-based startups, work together with CNRS-Sorbonne Université, Télécom Paris, and IOGS.

ID Quantique is delighted to be involved in this project with the new Cerberis XG range of products.

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The quantum ecosystem accelerates further in the Paris region

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