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Two approaches to PNR and Ultrafast detection with SNSPDs

Photon number resolution and high-speed detection of single photons are important for many applications in quantum information science, including linear optical quantum computing, Gaussian boson sampling, improved heralded single-photon sources, quantum key distribution, and quantum network protocols based on quantum repeaters.

In this short video Félix Bussières, VP Research and Technology at ID Quantique, discusses two approaches to photon-number resolution and ultrafast detection using SNSPDs. The first approach, referred to as a parallel design, is based on several interleaved pixels connected in parallel with a single readout line. This approach allows for PNR and ultrafast detection > 100 Mcps. The second approach, referred to as a multi-pixel design, involves 4-16 independent pixels operated and read out independently. This enables even faster detection rates > 1 Gcps and PNR that is robust to long pulse durations.

Watch our Quantum Video Podcast

Watch the video now for more information, including characterization of these devices’ PNR performance and recovery times, IDQ’s related product offerings, and applications to improved heralded single-photon sources and high key-rate QKD.



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