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Webinar Replay: Why quantum technology matters in mobile phone security

Watch and re-watch our latest webinars, to provide you with current progress in the field of Quantum-Safe Security.


Securing mobiles phones has become a top priority for mobile operators as increasing sophistication and processing power are used by illegal entities to take valuable data from consumers. Mobile operators are looking to generate new revenues from ICT services that are secured with quantum technology enhanced products providing differentiated security.

See how two major mobile operators have applied QRNG to their new smartphone and discover the wide range of applications they now leverage to offer value-added services and a new level of trust to their customers.

Just some of the use cases we cover:

  • PAY services
  • Identification & authorization
  • Messaging
  • Personal finances
  • Medical data
  • Blockchain


ID Quantique’s game-changing technology just opened up to mass-market through miniaturization, making quantum technology an opportunity accessible to all.



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