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Webinar Replay: IC inspection and failure analysis using single-photon detection

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In this webinar, Sven Frohmann (DLR) presents a new and compact IC inspection system, combining photon emission detection and laser scanning for failure analysis of IC functions, timing analysis of logic functions or cryptoalgorithms for benchmarking security ICs, as well as counterfeit detection applications.

The semi-invasive technique CCD imaging combined with single-photon detection provides imaging with picosecond resolution of signals propagation in ICs at gate or transistor level.

It is complemented with laser scanning which can be used to manipulate IC code function execution by altering the logical state of single transistors or logical elements. Example of analysis of a commercially available FPGA and SRAM will be presented.

Watch the webinar replay, brought to you by IDQ in partnership with DLR, the German Aerospace Center.


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