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Bright Apps and ID Quantique partner to push Quantum technologies into the US market

Quantum Technologies Partnership Announced

Bright Apps and ID Quantique (IDQ) signed a partnership to push Quantum technologies into the US market. Bright Apps QCloud makes it easy to integrate Quantum technologies both in the government and commercial spaces. The Bright Apps – IDQ partnership will provide customers easier access to new and vital quantum technologies from IDQ. The partnership accelerates the current R&D work currently underway at NIWC, Navy warfare center.

Bright Apps Qcloud security solutions is a building component cloud and On Prem service designed to provide high-quality sources of quantum encryption to IoT devices, embedded systems, cloud service providers and custom build solutions to provide the highest level of secure communication over the Internet. In today’s world of evolving technology, not only do we need to safeguard our computers and smartphones, now we must worry about protecting our homes, vehicles, appliances, wearables and other IoT devices. Together with IDQ’s quantum devices (QRNG) and Bright Apps quantum integration tool, secure communication can now be delivered to your end point device.

“This partnership is ideal. IDQ has Quantum Tech and Bright Apps is the premier Quantum integrator. With that Bright Apps LLC uses QCloud to accelerate access to Quantum Technologies for both government and commercial spaces.” Greg McGregor, Bright Apps LLC, CEO.

“Quantum Technologies will eventually be part of all security for critical infrastructure and partners like Bright Apps are key in helping customers to integrate these technologies into their existing systems. Their deep experience and understanding of QKD and QRNG, as well as their extensive software development and integration experience make them a great fit to help expand the Quantum business in the US.” said Grégoire Ribordy, CEO and founder of ID Quantique.

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About Bright Apps LLC

Bright Apps LLC specializes in AI, Cloud Computing, Quantum Entropy solutions, Blockchain and custom development, end-to-end software solutions. Bright Apps LLC has decades of experience in creating innovative technology. With a group of highly skilled engineers we can work in any discipline you can imagine as well as providing graphic, IT consulting and biz-dev services. Experts in AWS; Azure; Google Cloud Platform; AI, Blockchain and Quantum Entropy Security Solutions. Bright Apps delivers experts in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AI, Blockchain and quantum entropy security solutions.

For more information, visit www.brightappsllc.com.


About ID Quantique

Founded in 2001 as a spin-off of the Group of Applied Physics of the University of Geneva, ID Quantique is the world leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions, designed to protect data for the future. The company provides quantum-safe network encryption, secure quantum key generation and Quantum Key Distribution solutions and services to the financial industry, enterprises and government organisations globally. IDQ’s quantum random number generator has been validated according to global standards and independent agencies, and is the reference in highly regulated and mission critical industries – such as security, encryption, critical infrastructure and IoT – where trust is paramount.

Additionally, IDQ is a leading provider of optical instrumentation products, most notably photon counters and related electronics. The company’s innovative photonic solutions are used in both commercial and research applications.

IDQ’s products are used by government, enterprise and academic customers in more than 60 countries and on every continent. IDQ is proud of its independence and neutrality, and believes in establishing long-term and trusted relationships with its customers and partners.

For more information, please visit www.idquantique.com.


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