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Developing your Quantum-Safe communication migration expertise

Watch Dr. Bruno Huttner from IDQ in this webinar replay: Developing your Quantum-Safe communication migration expertise

  Broadcasted on Thursday 30th November at 4pm CET

Why watch this webinar?

It is now widely recognized that current encryption methods have an expiry date and that quantum computing represents a huge challenge to keep our cybersecurity infrastructure secure in the future.

Studying and experimenting with quantum communications is now more important than ever. As large-scale deployments of QKD networks are increasingly taking place, it is crucial to educate tomorrow’s quantum workforce.

Starting from QKD today, to quantum networks tomorrow, and ultimately the Quantum Internet, it is both our responsibility and our opportunity to train the next generation of telecom network engineers. All of this starts with hands-on experience to test and evaluate QKD technology in your own environment.

What can you expect?

In this webinar presented by Dr. Bruno Huttner, Director of Quantum Initiatives at ID Quantique, you will learn about QKD technology, its principles of operation, and its applications.

We present our new XGR Series: two open and transparent QKD platforms designed for academia, research centers, and innovation labs.

The Cerberis XGR and the Clavis XGR are versatile research platforms, designed to make QKD evaluation simple. You can experiment with different parameter set-ups and configurations, in both automated and manual modes. It’s the best way to familiarize yourself with the technology and enhance your QKD knowledge.

Last but not least, we look at how several of our customers are using the devices to experiment with QKD and lay the foundation for tomorrow’s hyper-secure networks.


Dr. Bruno Huttner

Bruno Huttner is the Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives, and a Quantum Key Distribution Expert at ID Quantique. He is also the co-chairman of the Quantum-Safe Security Working Group (QSS WG) organized by the Cloud Security Alliance.

Bruno joined ID Quantique in 2014, participating in business development and product management in the Quantum Security division. He then started the space programs, aiming at developing quantum key distribution globally, using satellites.

Bruno is an engineer (Ecole Centrale Paris) and a physicist (PhD from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology). After an early career in academia, Bruno moved to business. Prior to joining ID Quantique, he participated in the creation of a startup company, Luciol Instruments, which used quantum technologies for improving test and measurements equipment.

Bruno Huttner

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