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Grégoire Ribordy joins latest Quantum Tech Pod episode


Hear about ID Quantique’s amazing journey through the latest Quantum Tech Pod.

In Christopher Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod, our CEO Grégoire Ribordy tells the story about how he founded the company over 22 years ago in the very early days of quantum cryptography.

  • Hear from Grégoire’s vision on how the technology and the market might evolve in the next years, what will help the adoption of quantum tech and why it’s urgent to move now.
  • Discover how the company started, what was the first application of QRNG and how the technology has now been miniaturized to fit into any device.
  • Get a better understanding of QKD technology, and how we now build complex networks.
  • Hear from exciting customer examples and how we have gained deep expertise in deploying our technology around the globe.
  • Listen to how IDQ’s superconducting nanowire single photon sensing solutions have recently been awarded, discover how these extremely performant detectors and systems are used by hundreds of researchers in labs and even equip Europe’s next launcher, Ariane 6 – meeting the most stringent aerospace requirements.


Grégoire Ribordy

Quantum Tech Pod Episode 63:

Featuring Grégoire Ribordy, CEO, ID Quantique

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