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Did you know that..?

> The number of targeted attacks and breaches against gaming machines and applications is increasing.

> Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNGs) no longer fulfill the security requirements of the gaming industry.


Why is it urgent you act now?

> Attacks can have serious knock-on effects, such as reputational and revenue damage.

> If you don’t ensure the security of your system, your business is at risk.

> As the cost of compliance increases, certifying and bringing to market new games is also more expensive.


Our solution: State-of-the-art Quantum Random Number Generation

A hardware quantum random number generator has the advantage over conventional randomness sources of having provable randomness and therefore being easy to certify. ID Quantique’s Quantis is the most certified quantum Random Number Generator on the market, allowing you to reduce
the cost of certifying your games.


Online gaming and lotteries’ security requires the best:


True hardware random number generator (RNG)

> Trusted and certified source of quantum randomness

> Continuous status check and failure detection mechanism

> Instant entropy, scalable for different applications

> Advanced functionalities such as scaling and randomness extraction

> Swiss engineered and developed products



Find out how ID Quantique can help you protect your company and your customers.

ID Quantique was the first company to develop a quantum random number generator (RNG) in 2001 and remains the market leader in terms of reliability, certifications and Swiss engineering.

In order to prevent an attack, you must act now and the only solution is state-of-the-art quantum random number generation.

IDQ will help you to design and start a phased, affordable and efficient process to reach the right level of protection for today’s needs and the long-term future.

Contact us for personal advice and more on your industry needs or go through our products and solutions here.

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What is the Q in QRNG?

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