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Nokia and Proximus complete hybrid quantum encryption trial

20 June 2023

We are delighted to be partnering with Nokia and Proximus, Belgium’s telecommunications operator, on a recent QKD trial in a live network between Brussels and Mechelen.

Quantum technology is already available today to help protect against malicious hacks or attacks from future quantum computers. This trial successfully demonstrates the use of hybrid encryption methods in a live network. It is the first step for Proximus to safeguard its critical systems against the Quantum threat, and it enables the long-term resiliency of the digital landscape for its clients. We were happy to provide our industry leading quantum-cybersecurity solutions.


Nokia and Proximus demonstrate the future of network security with Europe’s first live, hybrid quantum encryption key trial.


Today, Nokia announced the successful completion of Europe’s first live hybrid quantum encryption key trial, in partnership with Proximus and leveraging technology from ID Quantique and evolutionQ:

  • Nokia’s Quantum-Safe Networks solution addreses threats posed by emerging quantum computers, which can be used to hack public key encryption algorithms and security protocols.
  • The trial highlights the hybrid use of both classical and quantum physics methods to symmetrically generate and distribute out-of-band keys, allowing for the delivery of quantum-safe cryptography services.

The trial sees Proximus establish a quantum-safe optical network connection using quantum key distribution (QKD) to successfully encrypt and transmit data between two datacenters located in Brussels and Mechelen, Belgium. The live demonstration represents a significant milestone in the development of quantum key technologies and highlights the future of network security in the era of quantum computing.

“To prepare for Q-day, we need to take the proactive steps to safeguard our critical systems from quantum threats and this live trial is the first step. Working with Nokia and its partners, we’re confident that we’ll be able to continue to safeguard our critical systems and successfully navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape in the quantum computing world.”
Geert Standaert, Chief Technology Officer, Proximus.


“The trial we did with Proximus and our partners represents a groundbreaking leap forward in securing our digital future. We’re excited to demonstrate the industry’s only hybrid quantum key distribution system which we believe will be essential to unlocking a safer and more resilient digital landscape.”
James Watt, President Optical Networks Division, Nokia


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