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Orange invites IDQ to showcase a quantum secured video streaming solution

Orange and IDQ quantum secure video streaming live

In October, France’s telecoms operator, Orange, invited its corporate customers, partners and Group employees to a special event. Showcasing Orange’s most emblematic research and innovation projects, the event was the embodiment of the Group’s mission – to build the present and prepare for the future while ensuring a positive impact on individuals, society and the planet.

The event took place between from 18 – 20 October 2022 near Paris, at Orange Gardens, the center of Orange R&D. It focused on three key themes for the future of Orange:

  • Next-generation networks
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital technology at the service of society and the environment

Among the forty demonstrations presented, Quantum Security attracted a lot of attention and emerged as a major use case. This was further evidence of how Orange relies on disruptive technologies to imagine the services and digital networks of tomorrow.

For the first time, Orange showcased a demonstration of streaming video encrypted by quantum keys on its fiber network. The system was protected by Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), provided by ID Quantique. Confidentiality and integrity of communications are ensured thanks to the unique properties of quantum mechanics. The principle that observation causes perturbation means any attempt to intercept or observe the data transmission during key exchange is immediately detected. IDQ provided its latest platform: the XG series which was deployed in combination with Thales IPsec Mistral encryption.

This experiment was carried out as part of the “ParisRegionQCI” – the Quantum Communication Infrastructure project lead by Orange and funded by Ile-de-France Region. The project aims at deploying a quantum communication network and demonstrating secure communication connectivity between three key locations around Paris (Jussieu University, Orange Gardens and Plateau de Saclay).

With this demo, telecoms operator Orange remains committed to providing benefit-led technology

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