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EzQuant Security Key

The world’s first fingerprint recognition security key equipped with a quantum random number generator (QRNG) for both physical secure access and online password-less authentication.

What is Ezquant Security Key?

EzQuant is a combination of quantum technology with a card-type fingerprint security key based on fast identity online (FIDO), a technology that performs personal authentication using biometric technology (such as fingerprints) without ID or password in an online environment.

It can be used to enter the office with near-field communication (NFC) function and can be linked to PC login, in-house groupware, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), etc. through fingerprint authentication.

EzQuant QRNG use case fingerprint recognition technology image small

QRNG function in EzQuant Security Key


QRNG is applied instead of traditional TRNG in areas where encryption keys are generated, and security keys are registered and authenticated to strengthen the product’s encryption security.

The QRNG chip generates unpredictable encryption keys, eliminating the risk of predictability. It reinforces the authentication structure to accurately verify users. It also ensures user’s personal data never leaves the hardware security area.

Ezquant security key function IDQ

Ezquant security key credential ID IDQ

Ezquant security key agreement IDQ

How to use EzQuant Security Key

fido aliance quantum security key

EzQuant security key can be used for authentication across FIDO-supported web services such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Office 365, Ping Identity, Okta, etc.

webauthn api quantum security key

EzQuant security key can be integrated with any system such as ERP, CRM, MIS, SSO, VDI, VPN, Groupware, etc. using simple WebAuthn API.

ezquant security key split image

EzQuant Security Key card type supports NFC function to help users authenticate physical access, as well as fingerprint login reader function on Windows PC in less than 1 second without a password.

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