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Seetalk Communications choose a quantum-enhanced crypto module for its new VoIP phones


In order to provide stronger security into internal network telecommunication, Seetalk Communications chose a combination of a Quantum-enhanced crypto module with IDQ’s Quantis QRNG chip and real-time video encryption technology from KCS, a maker of IoT security cryptographic chips.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for video conference calls has been increasing unprecedently. As their calls include sensitive information, organizations dealing with sensitive information such as the military, the National Intelligence Service, and the government office are in particular need of high-level security.

We were worried that the randomness source from our existing IP Video Phones would not be secure enough for our target markets before applying IDQ’s QRNG chipset. To our great satisfaction, the prototypes, randomization and subsequent video/voice media were successfully implemented seamlessly. Thanks to QRNG technology, SeeStationQ will be able to make quantum security enhanced video calls in the network, making it widely available in military units, government agencies, businesses, and other places where high-level security is a must.

Chankyu Choe, Director of Seetalk Communications

Read our use case to learn how Seetalk Communications has leveraged quantum-enhanced security through IDQ’s Quantis QRNG chip to encrypt/decrypt HD-grade images and sounds in real time and achieve superior VoIP security.

Read the use case

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