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XN Systems and ID Quantique partner to promote a Quantum-Safe VPN solution

On March 19th, the Korean company XN Systems, a network security solution company specialized in Virtual Private Networks (VPN), announced its partnership with ID Quantique, the worldwide leader in Quantum-Safe security solutions to develop, demonstrate and commercialize Quantum VPN technology offering a higher level of security to its customers.

XN Systems has developed and integrated IPSec VPN protocol with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), as an extra layer of security to provide long-term security for critical data transported over Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s).

QKD is a highly innovative key-exchange technique, that exploits a principle of quantum physics – observation causes perturbation – to exchange cryptographic keys over optical fiber networks with ultimate security. This perturbation will lead to transmission errors, which can be detected by the legitimate users. This is used to verify the security of the distributed keys and this technology makes it possible to realize a secure communication network that can fundamentally block hacking.

XN Systems’ new Quantum-Safe VPN solution built on a standardized ETSI interface is coupled with IDQ’s Clavis300 QKD platform. This joint solution aims at strengthening the security of data in transit today and in the quantum future.


Through this partnership with ID Quantique, we expect quantum cryptography to be adopted widely by our customers through the commercialization of Quantum VPN.

Kim Hyung-jung, CEO of XN Systems


Critical data is increasingly in danger from the growing threat of cyberattacks. We are thrilled by this new partnership where quantum VPN will respond to the needs of more and more companies, especially banks and governments.

Sean Kwak, EVP Strategic Market Development at ID Quantique

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