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From pioneering quantum technologies to meeting stringent industry requirements, the IDQ adventure continues

It’s a great pleasure to announce that ID Quantique (IDQ) has successfully achieved ISO 9001 certification. 9001 is among ISO’s most well-known and sought-after standards, having been implemented by more than a million organizations in some 175 countries.

An innovator in quantum technologies

The company was created in Geneva, Switzerland in 2001 by four scientists from the University of Geneva who anticipated the important forthcoming impact of quantum physics on information technology. It initially operated as a small university spin-off, working on research projects to demonstrate the feasibility of quantum key distribution (or QKD, better known as quantum cryptography). From 2007 onwards, IDQ rolled out quantum-safe crypto solutions in both commercial and government markets worldwide; IDQ is also a leading provider of photonic quantum sensing solutions serving academia and innovation labs. Year after year, quality became a real focus and is driving the teams ever since.

A-ranking, a first milestone

In 2019, ID Quantique was rewarded with an A-ranking by ArianeGroup as part of its supplier evaluation programme of the Ariane 6 project, called  IPCA+. IPCA+ is a standardised industrial quality assessment used across Airbus Group to evaluate supplier’s industrial capabilities in terms of quality, product design, supply chain and manufacturing engineering.

This high score rewarded efforts made by ID Quantique to align its pioneering and innovating spirit with a solid industrial growth meeting the long-term aerospace industry requirements.

With this experience, the company decided to continue their focus on quality and improvement to reach ISO certification and better serve their customers.

Excellence as a company culture

IDQ’s goal is to enhance customer satisfaction and improve global company performance while delivering great quality products and services. IDQ also recognizes the importance of regulation and pursue a strategy of third-party certification and validation to ensure IDQ’s technology continues to meet clients’ evolving requirements.

As the company celebrates its 20th anniversary, it’s a great pleasure to announce it has successfully achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This reinforces IDQ’s commitment to the development of quality products and services, benchmarked against globally recognized standards of excellence.

Commenting on the achievement, Grégoire Ribordy, CEO of IDQ, said:

“Achieving ISO 9001 certification is great news. It’s a significant milestone for the company and provides further assurance for our customers that our products operate to the highest standards.

 I have been particularly impressed by our teams’ focus on the ISO spirit, which just goes to prove everyone’s commitment to quality of service. ISO 9001 certification means we have the processes and policies in place to deliver service excellence long into the future”

iso9001 certification

ISO 9001 is a rigorous process that involves an extensive, company-wide audit of systems, management and documentation procedures. Designed for businesses of all sizes, ISO 9001 provides a roadmap for quality management that is based on 7 core principles:

  • A focus on meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations
  • A leadership team that has unity of purpose
  • Empowered and engaged people throughout the organization
  • A coherent, integrated approach to process management
  • A drive to deliver continuous improvement
  • Informed, evidence-based decision-making
  • End-to-end supply chain relationship management

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