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IDQ’s Cerberis3 QKD system now supports any kind of complex network topology

ID Quantique’s Cerberis3 Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system can now be deployed in any network configurations including point-to-point, relay for longer distances, ring or hub & spoke topologies.

At each QKD network node, a Key Management System (KMS) software hosted on the Quantum Node Controller (QNC) blade arbitrates the key distribution between one or several QKD blades and key consumers such as network encryptors. It performs add/drop or forward functions to ensure the distribution of keys across the network, depending on the recipient’s location. IDQ’s QKD blades can be housed in the same chassis for point-to-point or relay topologies, or add-on chassis connected to a QNC, in case of complex topologies such as hub and spoke networks.

Central configuration and Management

Administrators can now configure the Cerberis3 nodes, links and routes via a central equipment management system (EMS) that also provides a status of each QKD node. Syslog and SNMP feeds are also available for integration in the customer management system.

ID Quantique keeps on developing partnerships with encryption vendors and new use cases

The Cerberis3 QKD system can interface with as many as 80 encryptors, through standard ETSI API or proprietary interfaces. ID Quantique keeps on developing partnerships with major OTN vendors such as ADVA, and L2/L3 encryption vendors, while participating actively in standardisation efforts for more interoperability.

IDQ is also working on new promising use cases such as PKI and blockchain, where QKD can be instrumental in key sharing and backuping.


The Cerberis3 QKD system

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