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IDQ’s Highlights at Photonics West

After a hugely successful conference, we share our highlights of SPIE Photonics West 2020.

Photonics West 2020 happened to be…Photonics West, despite the threat of a global virus outbreak: one of the largest and most exciting conference and exhibition on Photonics Technologies and applications. The exhibition halls were crowded with visitors and many handshakes were shared. The mood was quite optimistic although it was still unclear about how the virus will impact businesses and the economy.

ID Quantique revealed the ID Qube Series, a series of new single-photon detectors some 18 years after having pioneered single photon detection with the introduction of the first InGaAs SPAD system. The ID Qube Series are designed to offer operation in both synchronous or asynchronous modes and to work with our Time Controller picosecond timer electronics and software. Unrivaled performance in a Qube the size of a Rubik’s cube!

ID Qube single-photon detection

A first module is optimised for fast-gated (up to 100 MHz) operations at telecom wavelengths, specially suited for quantum communication protocol while a second module offers ultra-low noise free-running operation mainly required for photon correlation and Time of Flight measurements.

As OSA is about to release its roadmap on Quantum Photonics at the forthcoming OFC conference, it was the opportunity to discuss, on the ID Quantique booth, what Quantum Sensing, means for us at ID Quantique. For nearly 20 years ID Quantique has been pioneering time-resolved single-photon detection and photon counting applications; this is our contribution to this very dynamic market of Quantum Sensing.

Whether the application is LiDAR, Fluorescence Lifetime imaging, or else Gas Leak Imaging, it falls within the Quantum Sensing category as time-resolved single-photon detection is the core of the sensing technique.

For those who will be at OFC in San Diego, California, the Industry Development Associates (OIDA) of the Optical Society of America (OSA) will discuss its roadmap on Quantum Photonics on March 10.

Three different groups of applications will be addressed and presented: quantum communication, quantum computing, and quantum sensing. We are looking forward to hearing OIDA’s perspective on Quantum sensing which was gathered through a large survey of multidisciplinary experts.

Stay tuned for more information.

Read more about our Quantum Sensing applications.

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