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The quantum strategy for high value digital asset protection

In our digital society, sharing data is risky. Networks have become complex to secure and new invisible threats arise every day.

At ID Quantique, we believe that the ability to trust networks and communicate securely is a fundamental human right. We therefore have developed the key components of a stronger cyber security ecosystem to ensure all over the world, workers, officials, security forces but also citizens and families collaborate and exchange information safely.

We also empower researchers to create the quantum photonic building blocks of the quantum internet, the ultra-fast and safe communication network of the future.

From research to commercial applications

Random Number Generation

Delivering true Quantum randomness and unbreakable keys for greater trust.


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Quantum-Safe Security

Keeping data confidential for ever
with Quantum.


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Quantum Sensing

Enabling Quantum Technologies
through Photonic Sensing Solutions.


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The XG Series

The first comprehensive range of Quantum Key Distribution solutions.

The XG Series provides the highest level of trust to enterprise, government, and telco production environments.



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We are a global company with offices and engineering labs located around the world.

Our products are used by governments, enterprises and academic research labs in more than 60 countries and on every continent.


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Our quantum technology is pretty outstanding but it’s our fascinating, talented people who make it happen.

IDQ is growing rapidly, why don’t you join us and help us shape the Quantum Revolution.


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