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ETSI Unveils First-Ever QKD Protection Profile

On April 27th, ETSI released the world’s first Protection Profile (PP) for Quantum Key Distribution, anticipating the need for quantum-safe cryptography. This ETSI specification will help manufacturers submit QKD modules for security certification, ensuring telecom operators and enterprises can protect their networks with certified products.

ETSI QKD Protection profile

This Protection Profile, which defines generic security functional and assurance requirements for QKD systems, was written by a team of the German “Deutsche Telekom Security”, under guidance of the BSI, the German Federal Office for Information Security. For the evaluation of the Protection Profile, SGS, an Austrian IT security evaluation facility was selected. The evaluation is currently ongoing, reaching its final stage.

ID Quantique is convinced of the advantages and of the necessity of QKD security evaluation for qualified, secure deployment of QKD solutions. It is a founding member of the ETSI ISG-QKD and is, since 2008, committed to deliver its share of support for the QKD community in standardization through contributions in the ISG-QKD, as well as in other standards developing organizations with European and world-wide scope.

Currently IDQ is mainly engaged in steering and coordination tasks for procuring all the necessary standards and related documentation for QKD security evaluation, as well as in the definition of interfaces for cryptographic key management. IDQ wants to be soon among the first companies offering evaluated and certified high security communication products for the future secure communication infrastructures in Europe, and beyond. It therefore is getting ready for the evaluation of its last generation Clavis XG QKD system according to the paradigm of the ETSI Protection Profile.

If you would like to learn more about the work ETSI are doing for Quantum Key Distribution, please get in touch with our team.

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