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CSA Sets Countdown Clock to Quantum

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifications and best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment, has begun a countdown to April 14, 2030, the date by which it estimates that a quantum computer will be able to break present-day cybersecurity infrastructure.

As the quantum age draws nearer, discussions on how to utilize the technology and, most importantly, protect organizations against the risks it poses are moving out of the hypothetical and into the practical. Part of this process is to educate key stakeholders about these opportunities and threats.

CSA’s website will feature a Year to Quantum (Y2Q) countdown clock to serve as a reminder of the threat’s imminence and the need to find and implement new solutions.

Bruno Huttner Quantum IDQ

“There are solutions that can be used to mitigate quantum’s threat. For instance, new quantum-resistant algorithms can be combined with other solutions already utilizing quantum properties like Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). Together, they are part of a new quantum-safe infrastructure that can already improve cloud security and cybersecurity in general. But these solutions will only be effective if we take the steps to implement them now,”

Bruno Huttner, co-chair, Quantum-safe Security Working Group and Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives at ID Quantique.

The CSA Quantum-safe Security Working Group was formed to address key generation and transmission methods that will aid the industry in understanding quantum-safe methods for protecting their data through quantum key distribution (QKD) – a physics‐based technology to securely deliver keys – and post-quantum cryptography (PQC) – mathematical algorithms that are resistant to quantum computing. The Group has issued several research papers on quantum computing and the steps companies should take to lessen the danger it presents and prepare for a post-quantum world. To get started, we recommend the following reads:

Interested in learning more about cloud security in the quantum era? Listen to this pre-recorded webinar. 

“CSA has been a pioneer in educating the cloud and cybersecurity communities on the dangers that quantum computers present to modern-day cybersecurity and those organizations that house sensitive data. The industry needs to be aware that this is a critical security issue both today and tomorrow. Today, data of long-term value encrypted by traditional cryptography is already at risk to quantum. In the near future, any type of sensitive data will be at risk. There are solutions and the time is now to prepare for a quantum-safe future,” said Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance.

Those interested in learning more about the group or participating in future research are invited to join.

Start your quantum journey today

You may think that starting your journey towards Quantum-Safe Security is a complex, lengthy and costly process. In fact, it’s simpler than you think. At IDQ, we accompany companies in their transition. Feel free to contact us.

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